How overwrite same bios version?

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    Hi! I have a problem, i found on the forum the last bios mod (slic 2.1) for my sony vaio notebook, but it's installed the last bios version on my notebook so when i run the utility winphlash phoenix for install it, i have an output error message for the same bios version. How can i do? Tnx.
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    edit PHLASH.INI add Advanced=1 in UI section


    Upon opening the WinPhlash 32 or 64 bit, click "Advanced Settings" then check and uncheck the boxes so it looks like this:

    ("Flags" Tab):
    [ ] Verify BIOS part number
    [ ] Flash only if BIOS version is different
    [ ] Flash only if BIOS version is newer
    [ ] Verify BIOS image size
    [ ] Verify BIOS checksum
    [ ] Zero block before erasing
    [x] Verify block after programming
    [x] Disable Axx swaping automatic detection (if present)
    [ ] Clear CMOS Checksum

    ("DMI" tab)
    "Update": Select "Update the BIOS and not DMI"