how to add a tab to execute in a open application by task scheduler?

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    Apr 6, 2013
    Hi, help is needed to add arguments or in start program script in task scheduler to invoke a tab in a program or application that is scheduled in task scheduler.
    I am using Kitty, a popular free source, open source software for ssh login to my router to know the router status page. i have given in the username and password and also a command show status, available in my router console commands. i am using windows 7 32 bit ultimate version .
    I was successful in getting the router page results, by using this kitty, after the task scheduler executes the command to open the kitty exe open page window screen. It is enclosed for ready reference.
    I have to manually press the Start or Open tab to execute the remote command , that i fed in to the program window to get the required result . Could i include this tab execution parameters in the argument or in start tab in the action tab of the windows task scheduler.
    it is a command that my router has to show. The other commands include reboot, config, sh, show.
    Here , the show then status command , combined in to one gives the router page useful statistics like speed, exip etc.
    how to invoke tabs in an opend exe . Normally we give path to exe to start the prgram in task scheduler . how to give one more extra arguments to topen the exe and a tab . please

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