How to add device driver to windows 7 installation disk

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    Apr 7, 2010
    how to integrate all my PC drivers To windows 7 installation Disk

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    Mar 23, 2010
    why repost the same question?
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    Mar 2, 2010
    You have to use WAIK (windows automate installation kits) to mount the image (install.wim).
    First download WAIK from Microsoft, and install the ISO.
    You can google for for the full instruction how to use WAIK.
    Here is the ex below:

    Use PowerISO or any ISO tool to extract the WIM image (Install.wim) from Windows 7 disc
    Run Imagex (assume you have already installed WAIK, and run Windows deployment tool as administrator).
    to mount the WIM image with write permission

    imagex will tell which number is which Windows edition if it’s not found. I tried it first with just number 0. Number 4 is in this case Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64 bit.

    Ex: imagex /mountrw install.wim 4 c:\wim
    Add as many drivers as you like by using DISM. If DISM says that files are essential for booting but drivers are unsigned, then add /forceunsigned parameter.

    Here’s example for nVidia nForce drivers (Installer EXE extracted with 7-zip): SATA/SATARAID/IDE/Ethernet/etc drivers:

    cd c:\dl\15.51_nforce_win7_64bit_whql\ide\win764\
    dism /image:c:\wim /add-driver /driver:. /recurse

    You will need to expand unexpanded driver files in some cases. Drivers are not expanded if filenames in driver directory are foo.dl_ and not foo.dll etc.

    Here’s NVidia GeForce driver sample for you (Installer EXE extracted with 7-zip)

    cd c:\dl\191.07_desktop_win7_winvista_64bit_international_whql
    mkdir c:\displaydriver
    expand *.* c:\displaydriver
    and then

    cd c:\displaydriver
    dism /image:c:\wim /add-driver /driver:. /recurse
    Save the WIM image with new drivers:

    Unmount and commit (commit = save)

    imagex /unmount /commit c:\wim
    Add the install.wim back to the ISO image with your favorite ISO handling software. I used UltraISO. Make sure that the DVD is bootable. Burn ISO as new DVD yet again with favorite burning software (CDBurnerXP).

    Boot and enjoy your new Windows 7 with correct and working drivers.