How to by-pass the xp sp2 wga activation

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    Oct 2, 2008

    Hi all:

    This is my first post and I need some help to solve a problem.

    I have an old Compaq Armada 7400, a Pentium 2 with 192 MB of RAM and 9 GB of HD. For the time being it’s all I can afford.

    I received a legit copy of Windows XP Home Edition SP2 - OEM still sealed in its package that was never activated.
    I installed it hoping to have 30 days to activate it with “you know who”… Instead it locked me out 48 hours after installation and it gave me a huge number to give to Microsoft.
    I didn’t because that number shows that my system is an old system that could not have come with that OEM disk (actually it came with Windows 98 and I have the disk and the licence). Also I am not connected to the internet nor will I be, as the system does not have modem and I do not have Internet access. I use Internet Cafes.

    Yesterday a person that got a new computer with Vista gave me another legit XP Home Edition also with SP2, from his previous system, but this one is a full retail version in its box. This one was previously activated with Microsoft.

    So I have three Windows Versions, all legit with licences and Keys in their original packages and I am locked out of my system.

    a) – I need to delete the previous installation (OEM version) and install either the same or the full retail Home version, but I am locked out of the system.

    b) – I do not want to activate any of them with Microsoft as I will not be connected to the Internet so I do not need any of the security patches and the reliability ones I will be downloading from cafes and installing them myself.

    c) – I have three legit Windows disks all with their respective serials and Keys, and I am locked out of my system by “you know who”…

    d) – I am not a computer geek that can play around with registry and the like as I will make one hell of a mess and cannot pay to a technician to get the system going again.

    c) – I will only register one of the XP’s when I update my hardware and be connected to the Internet.

    c) – I badly need that system as I have very tight deadlines to finish some important documents and have no alternatives.

    In these circumstances, the questions are:

    1) – How can I avoid the WGA activation process with one of the XP versions ?
    2) – I saw in several forums that the best way was to use a VLK Key from a Corporate version, but I do not have the means of getting one of those copies. Will any of those versions accept a VLK Key taken from the Internet ?
    3) – Of course I would prefer a solution that would maintain me legit and use my disks without activating them
    4) – What can I do to get this done.
    5) – Any suggestion ?

    All the best
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    Aug 13, 2008
    You should be able to boot to safe mode for doing...'Whatever' to your install..

    Regardless, being locked out does not preclude you from reinstalling...:cool:
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  3. datcat

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    Sep 10, 2008
  4. Stilicho

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Hi All

    Thanks very much for your replies.

    I am still pushing it and will be back to answer your messages.:(:mad:

    Thanks a million
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    Sep 10, 2008
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    Blue - Your quotes
    Black, darkred - My comments

    -clean up old HDD from unwanted files
    -defrag HDD
    -Disk Image Backup of old HDD before changing anything (using "Disk Image Backup software" to be able to roll back HDD-Image, if something goes wrong later)
    -Disk Copy Image from old HDD onto new HDD, direct sector by sector disk copy (using "Disk Copy Image software" to transfer an exact copy from the old- to the new HDD)
    -"Hidden" BIOS partition will be included without your interaction. You may want to resize it to 12MB if that is the original size. OS doesn't know that it is sitting on a new HDD...
    -since Defrag, Disk Image Backup and Disk Copy Image can run unattended over night, you will NOT need to sit there and wait
    -this preparation before changing hardware will take you 1-3 days...
    -the actual hardware change, new RAM + new HDD will take you less than one hour...

    -see my 1st post above
    -browse for "HDD test", read and compare
    -I've got more than 10 HDDs of that brand for good reasons
    -running very cool
    -running very quiet
    -running very fast
    -running very long time

    -To stay below 136 GB is safe - check BIOS details if even bigger drives are supported!
    -Even if your BIOS will not see beyond 136 GB at boot, windows will. Once in windows YOU CAN access HDD space beyond 136 GB...
    -I helped my neighbour about a year ago so prices for 80 GB then will be <=> prices for 120 GB now...

    -RAM details have been edited in my first post - I ended up with increasing to 384 MB RAM in my neighbours Armada!! (part of it was fix soldered to the board and could not be removed - I ordered and added one 256 MB chip)
    -I used "EVEREST Ultimate Edition" to read out BIOS-, memmory- and HDD-details.
    -Then I compared with specs on-line
    -Then I compared with specs from On-line shops and ordered
    -It went OK 1st time due to careful research before ordering
    -increase to max RAM 384 MB - THIS is the solution on your "repagination issue" since WinXP uses the HDD to swapp data to disc when WinXP is out of RAM at only 192 MB!! Hence PC TOO SLOW!!

    The Linux alternative:
    In another Forum I also got the same advice to turn to Linux...
    -So what are you waiting for? the City where I live, we even have a “Linux Café”...where everybody helps everybody else with all kinds of stuff, making installations burning of disks and teaching the basics of that OS. -Maybe someone will be glad to help you out IF YOU ASK. You just need to listen and learn... How hard is that?

    ...I did not follow that path because I think it’s a little bit too late in life to change and start anew with something else... -The time you wait for your Armada to boot is enough to learn to use Linux Ubuntu for writing!

    ...especially when I have lots of things to do and I am hard pressed to get things done quickly. -Could it be that You spend ALL your spare time trieing to get WXP to work and THEREFOR have no time?

    ...I had already spent the money and have legit M$ software to install and only want to be able to make all the upgrades in my machine that I can... -You wount spend any more money, just LESS TIME getting your PC to work, using Windows 2000 AND Linux Ubuntu...

    -If someone gives you a WinVista license for free - Will you insist to install that too, on 192 MB RAM, just because you have a legit M$ license? - Then why do you insist on WinXP with 192 MB RAM??? IT CAN NOT EVER WORK - unless you accept the issues you are having!!!)

    -How hard is it to try Linux Ubuntu from your CD or HDD drive WITHOUT the need to install anything?
    (Easily explained in my 1st Post above...)

    For all above reasons, please consider:
    -USE Windows 2000 AND Linux Ubuntu instead! -Let someone in that “Linux Café” show you!

    -Definately DO NOT use WinXP with less than max RAM: 384 MB! Else, several hundred percent slower compared with using Windows 2000 AND Linux Ubuntu!! Due to constant HDD swapping and your "repagination issue" as a consequence ("Supersonic speed difference" - to use your own words)

    -There is a difference between BEING ABLE TO START AN EMPTY OS compared to USE AN OS FULL OF APPLICATIONS AND WORK IN THOOSE APPLICATIONS... The difference is how much RAM the OS need...

    -WinXP START running from 512 MB-, better 1024 MB RAM - you insist sticking with WinXP using 192 MB RAM... thinking it can work, IT CAN NOT! (instead of using Windows 2000 AND Linux Ubuntu)

    -You are talking about spending time to increase clockspeed from 366 to 400 MHz - thats ONLY +9,3% - you must be joking - you will NOT be able to notice the difference! ...and it will certainly NOT fix your "repagination issue" because that's due to excessive diskswapping caused by using too little RAM in combination with WinXP (instead of using Windows 2000 AND Linux Ubuntu)

    -Both Win2000 AND Linux Ubuntu need much less RAM compared with WinXP(~1/2 as much RAM) and WinVista(~1/4-1/8 as much RAM). As a consequence you could run applications like Office2003 with Win2000 WITHOUT having your "repagination issue" AND Linux Ubuntu has an Office2003-equal which can read and write Office2003 documents...

    -Win2000 AND Linux Ubuntu together take up less HDD space than your WinXP alone... (generally speaking) you could even fit them onto your old HDD...

    In my opinion:
    -If you are not willing to try Windows 2000 AND Linux Ubuntu seriously - You are stuck here - You choose to spend all your time trieing to fix a "NEVER ENDING STORY": WinXP+"repagination issue"+Office2003 on Armada, due to unwillingness to change to what works on your Armada...

    -you could have a fast working Armada within three days, like my neighbour has now, WITHOUT your mentioned PROBLEMS - running Win2000+Office2003+Linux Ubuntu on Armada - but, so far, you choose you don't want to...

    -this case is cold until you reconsider...

    -Was this of any help for you? :):eek:
    -POST HERE, LET US KNOW how it went!
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    Nov 6, 2008
    This was help me a lot, Thank you.