How to change CMID?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by venu, Sep 29, 2012.

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    I have legit access to an office 2010 kms host key. AFAIK, this key needs at least 5 unique clients to attempt activation against the host before any client can get activated. I also read somewhere, the kms host checks the CMID to determine whether the client is unique.

    Now, problem is I don't have 5 machines, at best I have 3.

    Qn. 1- How can I change CMID so the host will think its a different machine activating when actually it isn't? Is it even possible?

    Qn. 2- What determines CMID? Will reinstalling office or, say, reinstalling windows change the office kms CMID?
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    A rearm would change CMID.
    A reinstallation changes that too.

    You can have infinite number of rearms by backing up OSPP registry key, and rearming and then restoring the original registry key.