how to flash .ROM file of phoenix BIOS using (win/fun)+b method

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    Oct 5, 2014
    how to flash 3054F27.ROM file of phoenix BIOS using (win/fun)+b method as i don't have PLATFORM.bin fileo_O which is required by phoenix bios recovery wincris.exe. this bios doesn't come with .wph file, so i am stuck and unable to make recovery flash drive using wincris.exe. my laptop is hp pavilion dv2 which is not booting from any drives attached like usb drive, hdd, cd rom and it is showing these errors:

    system bios shadowed
    video bios shadowed
    system configuration data updated error
    system configuration data read error

    which made me to conclude that bios is corrupt.

    (note that CMOS battery is ok as it is storing time correctly)

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