How to get windows XP updated from XP sp2 beta + bad VLK

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    For many years have been running XP PRO SP2 beta + VL Key. The VL key is now blocked by MS so the SP3 update fails.

    I would have at least 200 applications ('cause I am a power user and pack rat) installed and they all work fine and my XP is setup just the way I like it. There are few issues:
    • stuck on IE6 - IE7 update fails (I don't use IE but windows update does not like IE6)
    • dotNet 2.0 working but update to v3.5 fails so there are some applications I can't install
    • AVG virus scanner won't install on SP2
    • Windows media player v9 will not update (hardly use it)
    • SHA2 cert key signing is only supported from SP3 so Opera/Chrome/IE6 are failing on SSL to sites using new signing. (I use firefox so that still work but I have no browser alternative for some sites). This only became a noticable hassle this year because the "heartbleed" bug forced a lot of cert changes.

    The problem I really want solved is update to dotnet 3.5 - I can live with other issues. I think the only way this will happen is doing XP SP3 update. I have read in other forums there is a dotnet update issue running on XP SP2 beta -

    If I fix the VLK, can I put SP3 on a machine with SP2 beta or does it have to be SP2?

    What I have and don't have:
    • I do not have an OEM XP PRO cd for the laptop
    • Have XP PRO SP2 beta VLK CD matching what is installed now.
    • Have an image file of OEM XP PRO partition (circa 2010) + OEM KEY (the sticker on the case) that came with laptop so I could go back to "factory reset" state but what happens if I need to do a repair and don't have an OEM XP PRO CD.
    • Have an XP home OEM CD for another machine (not that I want to run XP Home)

    That is, I have a valid XP licence for this laptop but it is not in use on that machine.

    Any advice on options would be appreciated on ways to avoid reinstalling everything.

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    @BanditQuest; You never provided your machines specifications - maybe your hardware is capable of running Windows 7 smoothly...

    If not, you could also consider Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 (Microsoft support till 9/4/2019).

    If you for some reason choose to stick with XP, that's fine of course... 'we' can help you.

    Question: Did you download and install XP SP2 Beta manually or was it already integraded?
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    You would be best nuking and reinstalling.

    I recommending going Windows 7 but if you must use XP, use an SP3 ISO.
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    I agree and if machine is that old then and xp is really preferred DMI Boot CD for Award-AMI-Intel BIOS (Add SLP1.0 w/o modding) and HP oembios files and MS oem:slp key, should work no need to worry about blacklisted vlk keys :rolleyes: