How to install a Phoenix bios under a DOS usb stick

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by laadiaz01, Mar 10, 2010.

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    Mar 1, 2010
    well, as you can read i have some troubles when i tray to install a Bios, the bios is for an HP dv9819wm, and in the modded bios list y find it twices, but none for my especific model (one is for an dv9830eg and the other is for an dv9730us, but they are the same package (sp42853) i decide to try... On my firts try i install the original unmoddified bios, them before y install the modded bios, the one for dv9830eg, by simply replacing the two WPH files, with the files that come with the mod bios package, on the folder create by the hp installer and using the utility to flash the bios in windows, the flash was sucessfull, but under win vista that the system had preinstalled, the slic3.2 tool kid show me it is 2.0, not 2.1... So i wanna try to install the bios under dos, but reading the info of the package it says that o must rename both WPH files to BIOS.WPH, and type phlas16 /x bios.wph... So i shoul rename the files under dos or windows after copy the files to usb stick???

    It somebody understand me, please help me with and step by step, on how to install, from the 1rs step to the last...

    And, 1.- it already windows vista was activate with an slic 2.0 bios, when i read the bios with slic3.2 tool kid it shoul show that the active slic is 2.0 (when my bios has slic 2.1, i supose)... And 2.- to someone else get rw everything crash under vista sp 1???