How to install Arch Linux (video)

Discussion in 'Linux' started by R29k, Feb 27, 2016.

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    Nice tutorial you found on Youtube.

    Usually I install 'iw, wpa_supplicant, dialog and wifi-menu' as I use a WLAN PCI-E addon instead of LAN.
    Then I setup my box in UEFI with systemd as bootloader and sometimes setup DMcrypt with Luks and LVM structure for multiple partitions.
    In UEFI I replace 'cfdisk' by 'gdisk', calculate from mind and paper the partition sizes in sectors (because why not) and create 3 partitions (BOOT, OS, HOME) and no swap (16GiB RAM).

    As groups for users I only add 'wheel' and add wheel to '/etc/sudoers' using 'nano' and let the rest of the permissions be handled by Polkit.
    For the shell I usually install and setup ZSH using 'grml-zsh-config' (a bunch of configuration files containing presets like auto-completion or themes ready to use) I also install 'pkgfile' to allow the command-not-found hook in ZSH to find packages in the repository for commands which do not exist.

    As DE I adore Cinnamon with Numix theme, but I am also like of KDE for desktops or Gnome3 for touch-screens.
    As DM I usually install LXDM because of it's lightness. But if I install KDE or Gnome3 I usually do SDDM or GDM.

    My boot time from a X102B (4GiB RAM, A4-1200 1Ghz CPU and a SSD) from turn on till desktop with autologin and DMcrypt is 14 seconds
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