how to install Windows xp In compaq presario Cq40 133TU

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    Sep 7, 2009
    hello friends,

    I bought Compaq presario cq40 133-TU, It comes with windows xp os. but due to virus i formated it. now i am unable to install windows xp. an error occured during installtion........,

    plz help me, how to install windows xp in it.....someone tell me that it comes with sata drive.. i also tried by slipstreming sata driver in my xp cd....I failed to install
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    i had similiar problem with my compaq presario cq42-258VX, it's unable to install windows xp EVEN after trying using nLITE, windows xp black, windows OEMSCAN, directly from Floppy Disk. what should i do?
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    Do a low formt to your hard drive before...
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    I believe, many of us know how to format a laptop with windows XP. But, for Compaq Laptop and other laptop that doesn't have the setting in BIOS, to change the hard disk setting from AHCI(SATA) - > IDE, you will need to do something extra called Slipstream. Now, the process slipstream seems to be simple but, you need to have the correct SATA driver before you begin the slipstreaming process.

    (In Simple word... Slipstream = Insert your LAptop SATA driver into your Windows XP Installation Disc(Bootable Disc) because, without this SATA driver, you will endup in BSOD.

    In order to do this (slipstream)process, you will required to download and install (NLITE) which given on the above replies. After that, you will need the correct SATA driver. Without the correct SATA driver, you will still see BSOD. It advisable for you to check your Laptop SATA Chipset( to know what SATA driver compatible for your laptop so that this process will gives your 100% work Bootable Windows XP with SATA Driver after you've completed the slipstreaming process. refer to this post ( If you're new with NLITE. After you completed the process of slipstreaming the SATA driver, then you can refer to the guide of formatting laptop/pc to windows XP.

    Requirement for Slipstreaming Process :
    1) CD/DVD Writer
    2) 2 or 3 Empty Disc(we need this to burn the Windows XP+SATA Driver) - 1 Disc is enough but in case you messed up with the SATA driver
    you will need extra Disc.
    3) NLITE (Please download it and install)
    4) correct SATA driver for your laptop.
    5) Your time.

    Good Luck!!!