How to kill the Runtime Broker in 10

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    have you seen when you run task manager that Runtime Broker hogging a hell of a lot of mem well this is how to fix it.
    I found this today on net so note its not my work...

    If you’ve just logged into Windows 8 and haven’t run any apps yet, you probably won’t see RuntimeBroker.exe running yet. RuntimeBroker.exe is triggered by metro apps, and if the process is ended all currently open Metro apps will immediately fully close.

    So what does it do? Well, the Runtime Broker handles checking if a Metro app is declaring all of its permissions (like accessing your Photos) and informing the user whether or not its being allowed. In particular, it is interesting to see how it functions when paired with access to hardware, such as an app’s ability to take webcam snapshots. Think of it as the middleman between your apps and your privacy/security.

    A quick look through the strings of the process shows the Microsoft definition of Runtimebroker.exe to be part of “Processes for Windows Partial Trust Components.” Most of its related registry entries and the process itself can be found in these locations:
    Memory Leaks

    Shortly after the OEM release of Windows 8 users began reporting memory leaks associated with RuntimeBroker.exe. The result of these leaks is a huge drain on physical system resources that could cause RuntimeBroker to use several gigs of memory. These leaks are associated with third party apps that implement a Live Tile update function called “TileUpdater.GetScheduledTileNotifications.” When the tile update runs, Windows 8 sends the request, but never actually releases the memory associated with the function. Note that each update call uses a small amount of memory, however, the effect snowballs as requests are repeatedly sent in over time and the memory is never reallocated. To fix this requires the developer of the app to change how the Live Tile updates work for the particular app with the leak. As an end-user, the only option is to avoid using any apps with such memory leaks and wait for them to be updated.


    RuntimeBroker.exe is a safe Microsoft process included in Windows 8 to assist with Metro app permissions. With a light system footprint of less than 3,000 k of RAM being used. You’re not going to see a performance hit from this process running in the background. This process should be left alone unless you are looking for a quick way to shut down all of your Metro apps.


    now the info I will see on making a reg file for u all to make things a bit easy 4 u all

    Runtime Broker is a service called Time Broker, which can be disabled through editing the registry.
    Right-click on the Start Menu Icon. Go to RUN and type regedit.exe and select OK.

    Find the following entry:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TimeBroker] "Start"=dword:00000003

    Change the 3 to a 4.

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TimeBroker] "Start"=dword:00000004

    4 is Disabled, 3 is Manual and 2 is Automatic startup.

    Before editing, the original value was 3. Set to 4 to disable. Just change the 3 to a 4 through the MODIFY menu selection, exit regedit and reboot your system.

    After this edit, Runtime Broker no longer runs and the CPU at idle is now only 0 to 1 or 2 percent.

    No adverse affects after disabling Runtime Broker on my system. (ADDITIONAL NOTE: Disabling Runtime Broker will prevent apps from the Microsoft Store from running.)

    if you like just kick the bucket that says thanks

    I forgot to add this
    for those that had run this small tool DWS Lite u don't need the windows apps as the tool took care of them
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    svchost.exe also takes a lot of cpu/memory. Disable all the schost.exe to save memory and cpu usage. (that was sarcasm, sorry.)

    RuntimeBroker runs permanently in the background on Windows 10, so unless you run enterprise version of Windows 10 and you removed the store and all the apps, it's probably wise to leave this process/service alone. If it starts to take a crap load of memory/CPU, it's because one of the apps is broken or badly written and is causing the memory leak.
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    thank u chris I will give it a go by killing svchost and see what it does and report back but I wont do it now as its Monday morning 12.22am and I'm a bit kinda nackerd.

    but I do think svchost has some items that it runs are needed 4 win 10 some cant b shut off.
    its like shut the rong one off and your system plays up
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    Don't disable all the svchost services, I want being sarcastic! :D just disable the running services you don't use that run under svchost.
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    To avoid those kind of problem best todo with win 10 is staying in th2 or th1 builds

    microsoft changing, updating... All the time and those updates dont fit enuf for our system
    maybe to clean system
    so the os will be more stable when update iss off
    ofc just my opinion

    if u have enuf info about those updates run them manually
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    this registry tweak DOES NOT work on th2 builds, ms changed it os no matter if you put a 3 or4 runtimebroker still runs, you cannot disable it this way any longer!
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    Right RuntimeBroker will run with or without the regedit. You need to find which apps is causing the memory leak, and not run it until it gets an update.
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    lol yeh I got the hint of it when u posted it.
    but I'm kinda playing to see what I can kill and what I cant.
    well I have killed a lot of s**t stuff that I do not need for what I use
    RuntimeBroker no longer runs on my system at startup its been killed.

    just a note to all i still run 10 10240.
    i found upgradeing to new os is shat with all my online tv and crashes all the time so every item regarding updaes are gone or killed.

    also sorry about typeing i only have 1 arm and i use a blu-toth keyboard
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    ...its not work in><