How to locate/see the Microcodes inside a Phoenix BIOS?

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    [NOTE] I already put this post in another thread and i just realized that thread is 4 years old, so I create this new one which I think itmore appropiate. Sorry for that :S


    I am new around here and a newbie in these BIOS modding matters. I just started to play with my BIOS and I am taking lots of notes these days doing my basics (and I already have the crisis recovery and all necesary tools). I wanted to know if you could give some advice on update microcodes of my DELL studio Phoenix BIOS (I am doing it out of curiosity for learning proposes, but yeah I wanna update my processor this month too and i wanna see if my BIOS support its CPUID microcode (looking in to the BIOS hex code) because I know DELL do a lot of CPU locking with this laptops models.

    As far as I saw, It's a very easy task in Phoenix. I got my Dell .exe rom modules unpacked by using the Andy's slic tool (I am not using Phoenix Editor, i read it sometimes corrupts BIOS) and I'm using winHEX as editor.

    I know about cbrom195 tool but I want to do it myself. I'am a software engineer so I am very confortable with these kind of tasks. I think it holds the microcodes in the HDR file, no?. So I'll keep digging but could you give some directions to some thread or resource/tutorial about editing microcodes in a dell phoenix BIOS or how thoses BIOS are structured?.

    [UPDATE] There is a good article about it, which was quite recommended around the forums, but the author of the blog ( made the site private (only invitation) :(

    Thanks a lot before hand!:)

    BTW, really cool forum... a lot of interesting topics :D