How to make a W7 sp2 disk ?

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    Hi all and Happy New Year!.... I really would appreciated if someone can help me out here? I'm still trying to understand and learn and could use some help. I'm trying to make a windows 7 Ultimate sp1 image into a windows 7 sp2 iso with the latest updates. So far what I have read and done was place my windows 7 sp1 iso into a folder on my C drive >>> W7 pic below and I have also on my C drive UpdatePack7R2.exe . I would really appreciated if one can explain a step by step as to how to join these 2 together and make a Windows 7 U sp2 64 bit disk? Thanks ?



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    Just an update here. This may be your problem.

    In my post above I used UltraISO to extract the file to W7 folder, but you used WinRAR to extract the file, so I tried that to see and what I found is that Winrar will extract it but it extracted into a "sources" folder inside the W7 folder. When I ran the CMD then I got the error that file can't be found. Make sure the install wim is not inside a different folder. It has to be inside W7 folder only.
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    Thanks for that link and yes I already read some of that thread, I got some what confused by it. This is why I started a thread of my own hoping one can assisted were I'm going wrong, thanks
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    Thanks for your respond. I actually thought of the samething with the extract, so I try using both winrar and ultraiso and I extracted in the same folder where W7 is at . I wondering its because I'm using windows 10 . I will give it a try under W7.... Thanks
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    Win10..... that is probably the problem. M$ probably has something setup in Win10 so no one can work on anything but Win10 LOL!!
    I would not put it past them:mad:

    But then again that newer version may not recognize these commands??:confused:
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    # for decimal 38 / hex 0x26
      ERROR_HANDLE_EOF                                               winerror.h
    # Reached the end of the file.
    Probably means that dism encountered the end of the file before it was able to complete the command. Corrupt image file then, most likely.
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    You sure you have the install.wim file in the W7 folder?? It should be about 2,885,158 KB,s
    And your sure it is not inside another folder??

    The data is invalid tells me that you either have the wrong file or it is corrupter like 100 has mentioned.

    You could try a different Win7 disk or try extracting again from your same disk.
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    On win 10 you can offline service any previous windows version without any problem.

    To use simplix pack to offline update a wim index you'll need to use the batch files for it.
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    Thanks for responding. I gather you're saying its okay to use W10 . Your last sentence gets a little confusing. I can download Simplix, I downloaded but where do I extract it to. The Batch thread doesn't say where to.
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    So now I try a different W7 iso and this time I did finally get past the error part and now see the 5 options chart. So off to do the next steps. Thanks so far for all the help . And the first W7 iso must of been corrupted.

    I'm installing the updates, Once it done is there anything I need to do? Thanks ... If I don't respond by the time its done I guess will know lol
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    After Command Prompt does its thing with updating, Is the install.wim the actually new W7 iso file that I need to either usb or disk?Or is it somewhere else? thanks
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    You need to replace the install.wim file in sources folder with the new one made with simplex pack also if you updated all the indexes it will not fit on standard dvd you will need to use bootable usb thumbdrive to install.
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    So how does one go about doing that? I'm using Ultraiso, do I just delete the original install.wim and drag the new one into the Sources folder? I see it is bigger than the normal 4.7 disks, So I either use an usb flash stick or a double dvd 8.5 disk, yes? And thanks for your input.