How to manually delete Protected Playback Licenses? Netflix Error H7354

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by MonarchX, Nov 24, 2014.

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    If I use Windows 8.1 built-in Administrator account then I cannot access Metro apps. In order for me to delete Protected Playback Licenses, I must be able to use Internet Explorer in Metro mode. I can't. How can I delete these licenses some other way? I must do so in order to view Netflix content.

    Here are the official instructions, which I cannot follow due to inability to use Metro apps:

    1.Open the Internet Explorer App from the Windows 8 Apps View. ◦If the app keeps opening in Desktop Mode, right click on the browser tab title and select Open in Immersive Browser.
    2.Open the Charms bar.
    3.Select Settings.
    4.Click Privacy.

    If Privacy is missing:
    1.Switch from the Metro Mode to Desktop Mode.
    2.Open Internet Explorer.
    3.In Internet Explorer, select the gear icon () or Tools or from the upper-right corner of the window.
    4.Select Internet Options.
    5.Click the Programs Tab.
    6.Uncheck Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop.
    7.Switch Back to Metro Mode.
    8.Open Internet Explorer app.
    9.Open the Charms bar.
    10.Select Settings.
    11.Click Privacy.

    5.Scroll down to the Protected Media Playback section and verify that it is enabled.
    6.Delete Protected Playback Licenses.
    7.Reboot your computer.
    8.Once your computer has restarted, try to stream your movie or TV show again.
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