HOW to phoenix bios.

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    Aug 3, 2009
    hello im sure there are lots of people that have a bios from phoenix :

    some questions:

    is the same a dell-phoenix bios than a phoenix bios?

    is there any tutorial about flashing and editing phoenix bios?

    is it posible make it easily? i dont know too mucho about HEX and editing bios.

    please put here all the links you consider good to help people to mod their bios-.

    and finnally YES has closed the threat of requests on phoenix bios, that means they are modding the first request by this time?

    thank you any help would be apreciated.
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    Jun 26, 2007
    Phoenix bioses are difficult to mod, and we only have a few modders that have to manually mod them...and because there is so much work, the modding thread is closed at the moment - but not forever.

    First request - no
    Too much requests - yes ;)

    There is some material about modding phoenix bioses in this forum, just have a look/search. But I'll leave all other comments to our modders...
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