How to properly request for a bios mod

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    If you want to have your bios modded, please use the search function first in order to see if your bios has already been modded. Also have a look here:

    Before requesting a mod check the All Slics list to see if it's already modded:

    For Award and AMI BIOS requests:

    For Lenovo BIOS requests:

    For Phoenix BIOS requests:

    For MSI motherboards with AMI bios:

    For DELL-PHOENIX bios requests:

    For Insyde bios requests:

    Request thread for problematic Phoenix bioses, preferably SONY VAIO and others.

    For Windows XP mod requests:

    For BIOS recovery help:

    This is Required in Order to Get a Modified SLIC Bios from this Board.


    For RW-Everything, see:

    Open RWEverything.

    After RWEverything Opens, click ACCESS - ACPI Tables.

    When ACPI Tables opens, click anywhere within the ACPI Window.

    Now click CONTROL + F2 to save the entire table.

    Save this Report to the desktop WITHOUT CHANGING THE NAME and either attach this file to your post or upload it to one of the following: or or

    If you upload your RWEverything Report to one of the 3 host servers above, post the download link of your RWEverthing Report in the Post of your Mod Request.

    Below is the preferred method in which to post your mod requests:

    -Motherboard Model:
    -Bios revision:
    -Bios Type: Phoenix BIOS
    -Bios Download Link:
    -RW Everything Report Download Link:

    After you have posted your request our experts will have a look at your request. They will try to modify the BIOS if it is possible.
    Check the thread periodically and if needed re-ask / repost your request after a few days. IMHO after one more week without a reply nobody is able to help.
    It might be you won't get no reply at all. But ever only due to technical / spare time / absence reasons. There is no personal reason.
    You might have a look then at other forums, hopefully you get a mod there.

    After you have applied your SLIC mod you may check the result with Davidxxw SLIC dump toolkit:

    kind regards,
    ancestor(v) for MDL Team & Board
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