How to recognize a volume version from a retail version of Office 2010?

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    CASE 1
    If I have a version of MS office 2010 on a DVD (before installation to HDD) how do i know whether it is volume or retail?

    Case 2
    If i have alreday installed MS offcie 2010 how do i know what lisence type it is?

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    CASE 1:
    A- Open the dvd (or iso file) and if you a folder named "ProPlus.WW" then it's a VL copy, if you have a folder named "ProPlusr.WW" then it's a retail copy ("r" stands for retail).
    B- You can run setup.exe and check the EULAID and then close setup, if you have VL in the EULAID then it's a VL copy (ex EULAID:O14_RTM_VL.1_RTM), if not (or CLT/RT or twice RTM) then its retail.
    C- if the setup asks for serial then it's retail, if not - it's VL.

    CASE 2:
    A- Run this command on cmd:
    cscript "%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Office\Office14\ospp.vbs" /dstatus
    for 32bit office on 64bit os - run this instead:
    cscript "%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office14\ospp.vbs" /dstatus
    check out license name & description output.
    B- again you can check the eulaid in - file>help>license agreements
    C- you can use regedit and goto office key and check if you have VL license installed etc..
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    Sorry to bring revive an old post but I have the same question and figured I am saving 3 bytes of space on the MDL server. lol. In midst of searching for basically the same question as in 1st post. If there is no key installed the output of "cscript /nologo ospp.vbs /dstatus" is
    <No installed product keys detected>
    which does not tell you if its VOL or RETAIL, So that begs the question if office is installed but not activated or doesnt have a key installed how can I tell if its VOL or RETAIL that is installed from a command line or registry?


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    Activating Office 2010 - Standard - Retail

    If you use ProduKey, it will show the current key.

    WinKeyFinder did not when I checked for my installed Office 2010 - Standard - Retail.

    I have had no success in activation with either KMSpico 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 , or the Windows Loader 2.2.1 both of them from links posted at MDL.

    Has anyone had success with activating the Standard - Retail editions?

    So, if Retail editions require MAK servers, will either of the above apps work?
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    convert to vl edition first,then use any kms tool.
    or use lucky retail key.