How to remove "Test Mode" watermark

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by nicktorn, Aug 30, 2012.

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    I have to run with driver signature enforcement turned off permanently as I use an AMD switchable graphics laptop, and it is not supported by AMD and am forced to run usermade drivers with no signature. How can I remove this watermark without messing with Windows version displayed in winver?

    To add to this, I used MyWCPWatermark to remove the Test Mode text after I activated. Now I am activated with the Windows version and build number text still on the bottom right of the screen. I can't use MyWCP anymore, it just asks if I am on Windows 8 beta.
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    Hey Nicktorn,
    I have just experienced the exact same problem as you, with the exact same situation as you. I removed the watermark from Windows 8, and then installed the Leshcat Labs drivers for my crappy Switchable lappy, then I could no longer run My WCPWatermark Editor. I found a solution though!

    Run CMD as Administrator (Press & Hold Start+ X and click Command Prompt (Admin) )
    type sfc/scannow in cmd
    Once this has completed, completely reboot.
    Now try running My WCPWatermark Editor
    The program should now run, and you are able to remove all the watermarks. Reboot after this and voila!

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    CMD(Admin) enter : bcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING OFF

    reboot :D

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    It seems that you, like 99% of the others who choose to reply to threads asking this, refuse to bother reading what's being asked, coupled with a lack of understanding as to what is actually being asked.

    First off, Test Mode is activated by users, like me and the thread OP, due to having to use UNSIGNED drivers on an everyday basis. While you can temporarily turn off Driver Signature Enforcement through different steps in Win7 and Win8, it is just that... temporary. Once you reboot, Driver Signature is again enforced. For many unsigned drivers, especially those that alter the core of the system, if you attempt to boot into windows with Driver Signature enabled, it will boot loop and will not be able to be fixed through automatic repair or by using bcdedit to turn driver signatures off. It then becomes a major issue as you have no other choice at that point but to either use system restore or another imaging utility to restore windows.

    Second, had you bothered to read the thread OP, you would understand that they were NOT looking to simply re-enable Driver Signature enforcement. This makes over 10 threads that I've read thus far in the past fifteen minutes where the suggestion is to turn driver signing back on via bcdedit or using microsoft's fix it tool, which does the same thing.

    Third, users who take the time to ask how to go about removing the test mode, window's version, and build text are not looking for you to tell them how to undo what's caused the text. Seeming as except for a mild bug in Win 7 that affected a few PCs, you CANNOT get into TEST MODE except by choice. There is no way for a user to enter Test Mode without using bcdedit via cmd.

    So in closing, READ THE THREAD OP AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO REPLY, PLEASE DO SO IN A MANNER THAT REFLECTS WHAT IS BEING ASKED, not what you think is being asked because you failed to read the OP.
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    Well said... by reviving an year old thread.

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    It's a command in BCD, and will be carried out for every reboot, until you set it to always ON .....; and the OP simply asked how to remove the watermark. :D

    btw, is it necessary to shout? :confused:
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    Not working here (Win 8.1 Pro x86), it still shows "Test Mode" and Windows build messages.