[HOW TO] Remove Updates in Recovery Environment CMD

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    To avoid this gets lost in a problem thread, i post it here, so it might help some people, who are facing a problem after updating Win 8.1 with Update 1, i.e. Black Screen or Reboot Loop.

    It's possible to remove updates via Win RE :D. Needed to figure out the correct way though ... matter of time, as always.

    This needs a Win 8.1 Install Media to boot off. Choose the Repair options and then Advanced and the Command Prompt.

    Installed the KB2919355 in a VM, then tried to remove. First time i didn't define a scratch directory, so the removal failed miserably and led to a nice BSOD at start up :cool2:.

    So that's the procedure, seems there is no need to navigate to any partition with that commands, only to find the Windows partition and a partition with some space left as scratch dir.

    To show all installed packages:

    dism /image:d:\ /scratchdir:f:\ /get-packages
    Copy the unwanted package name by marking it and hit enter, paste later via right click.


    Remove unwanted package:

    dism /image:d:\ /scratchdir:f:\ /remove-package /packagename:TheLongPackageNameGoesHere
    NOTE: Adapt drive letter to your install and scratch dir locations! In case no other partition is available, one can use an usb device for this.


    Reboot afterwards, during startup the package will be removed. The 'Installed Updates' feature in WU shows the success :good3:.

    HINT: For more comfort, the commands can be copied to a text file and placed at the root of the usb device From RE simply call it, i.e.:

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