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    Some of my Windows system files are corrupted. I've tried sfc /scannow and it could not repair all the files. I tried falling back to a restore point but the restoration process failed.

    This Windows 7 installation was done with the Windows Loader provided in this forum. I believe I have two options: repair install or clean install. I naturally prefer the first method. To proceed with a repair install what do I need? I can not find an installation ISO in the language currently installed, is that an issue? Can I proceed with the english ISO? Do I need an activation key? What are the steps?

    Current system is Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit, SP1. This all started after a system freeze and a hard reset. I used chkdsk /F to repair the HD and it revealed several problems which it appeared to fix (I have the logfile if it is needed). I was able to boot into Windows 7 but some things aren't right. I am getting ieframe.dll error right after Windows startup. I can't start Internet Explorer (and I can't reinstall it either!). I can't start Program Uninstall from within Control Panel. Energy Settings gives me a blank screen. iTunes won't start. Thunderbird email couldn't start but after reinstalling I got all my emails and accounts just as they were. Other than that the system appears stable. I can use Chrome regularly and surf the internet. Goodsynch is working fine and executing schedules. I could install and run ESET and Panda virus scanners (both revealed nothing). I was previously using AVAST. All data files are fine and backed up. I believe the corruption may have only affected stuff on the C:\ partition. Prior to the corruption event everything was very stable and smooth running. HDs are fairly recent in age.
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