How to reprogram/reflash winbond 25Q32BVSIG / 25X10BVNIG on acer aspire 5755G MB?

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    Hi Guys,

    After giving up with the other thread which I've already mentioned my problem and came to know there is no common fix for it and I've finally decided to go for BIOS chip reprogram/reflash. I've opened my MB case and found these two as shown in below pic.

    And the BIOS files I downloaded from Acer site are shown in below figure.


    So far I got the above stuff along with my soldering station, hot air gun and other essential electrionics DIY stuff.

    I know I've to get a programmer tool and not sure which is cheap and best, If you suggest me one could please find cheap and best one from UK online retailers and paste a link here.

    And also please let me know how to start and which chip to flash (as I got two chips), any guides will be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks :)
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    U36 is main BIOS chip. P5WE0121.bin
    U38 is EC flash chip K17C121C.rom

    Take a dump first.
    Compare dumped with file downloaded from support

    Original flasher can skip some areas were are located some things like serial number,mac address,UUID etc.
    In case of external programmer full chip is erased and writed new one so you can loose some specific data about mainboard.