How to Restore factory settings in BIOS (Flashing)

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    Good morning,

    I'm having problems with restoring the factory settings of the BIOS. I updated the BIOS to the same version using the same BIOS but I can not restore the defaults config (setup password).

    I'm looking in this url: hxxp://
    the option to put default settings but I saw:
    /C Destroy CMOS after update BIOS done

    /Ln Load CMOS default (n=0 - 1)
    L0: Load current CMOS optimal settings
    L1: Load current CMOS failsafe settings
    L2: Load CMOS optimal settings from ROM file
    L3: Load CMOS failsafe settings from ROM file

    /DeDftCfg Delete all default settings from BIOS

    PD: My laptop is All In One

    --------[ BIOS ]--------
    Propiedades del BIOS:
    Tipo de BIOS AMI EFI
    VersiĆ³n del BIOS R1011W7
    Fecha del BIOS del sistema 08/09/2010
    Fecha del BIOS de video 05/02/10