How to take control of a fresh install (auto updates, etc)

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    ver: 10.0.14393
    Along with MSMGToolkit tweaks:
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    Source ISO: en_windows_10_enterprise_n_version_1607_updated_jan_2017_x64_dvd_9718069.isoModifications: integrate updates/features: - latest march Servicing Stack pack, Cumulative Update hotfixes, and IE&Flash Security Update - the windows 7 calculator (not the new MetroUI one) - DirectX 9.0c changed files: - custom default wallpaper removed windows & microsoft apps/components** List of removed apps/componentsRemoved Default Metro Apps: 3D Builder Alarms & Clock Calculator (replaced w/ win7 calc) Calendar & Mail Camera Feedback Hub Get Office App Get Started Groove Music Maps Movies & TV Messaging Office OneNote Paid WiFi and Mobile People Photos Skype Preview App Solitaire Collection Sticky Notes Store & Xbox Voice Recorder WeatherRemoved Windows Components: Microsoft Biometrics Microsoft Connect App Microsoft Maps Microsoft OneDrive Desktop Client Microsoft Telemetry Services Microsoft Skype Video App Microsoft Xbox & Gaming Windows Contact Support App Windows Content Delivery Manager Windows Cortana & Search App Windows Embedded Features Windows Geo Location Windows Home Group Windows Parental Controls Windows Retail Demo Offline Content Windows Take Test App Windows Quick Assist App Microsoft Edge Browser App Microsoft Hyper-V Microsoft Internet Explorer UI Finally removed the default Metro apps associations
    Where do I start? Basically, I want to take as much control as I can. Though not necessarily block everything, but I want to decide on what gets automatically updated/downloaded/phoned-home/etc.

    I haven't even connected to the internet yet, because I'm sure it will start downloading drivers automatically, so that will be my first question:
    How do I choose which drivers from windows update get downloaded? I still want the drivers, I just want to choose them.

    Likewise how do I disable auto windows updates so that I can leave the windows update service on, and instead use one of our MDL projects (WUMT, or WHDownloader) to pick and choose. (In the past I had just kept the WU service disabled, but I don't like that approach)

    I don't know what else to specifically address now. So my last question is: Is there anything else I should know about (besides Telemetry that I will disable hopefully quickly after reading through our Win10 Telemetry Repository (compiled by s1ave77) that should be fixed before I open the floodgates / enable internet access
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