How to unpack a Phoenix BIOS

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a Supermicro X7DWN+ dual socket 771 server board that I had a bad flash on. I am trying to reflash with the original BIOS. The file is called X7DWN0.B19. When I try to flash, I keep getting errors about the BIOS being the wrong size. I was on the flashrom irc channel and they suggested that the BIOS is in an EFI capsule and that I should unpack the BIOS from the X7DWN0.B1 file and then try to flash.

    BTW, I have a second board that I am using to do a "hot flash", i.e. I boot the board with the good chip and then swap chips to do the flashing while the system is running.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    They've made the suggestion without to have had a look at it....:rolleyes:
    It is a PHoenix BIOS (new style modules) and no EFI and hence it canot be encapsulated!!!
    The image consists of the BIOS.ROM and the platform.bin data.

    How do you flash? From DOS using the BIOS update tool that comes from the OEM?
    The command there (flash.bat) is: phlash16 /mfg /mode=3 /s /x /c /BBL

    It flashes the bootblock as well...and you get the error there? It should work actually....alternatively try phlash16 /s /x /c /o
    The update comes with phlash16 version which does not support the /force switch jet, alternatively try version >= 1.7 and flash it with /o /force

    It's strange, since you try to flash the original BIOS and that should work...
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