How to use Colorful Disk Clean Desktop to free up disk space on the computer

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    Nov 18, 2013
    Then you may like to free up your computer with this cool disk cleaning software which is specially designed for Windows. The following steps will show you how to
    clear the junk files or useless stuff on the computer.
    1, Run Colorful Disk Clean Desktop.
    2, Add folder or disk you want to scan. The data will be displayed as a color-coded sunburst map which clearly shows the size of each file or folder. It becomes quite
    easy for you to catch the space hogs. Information about each files or folder will also be displayed in the side bar on the right.

    Drag the useless file or folder to the delete displaying area which is on the bottom of the program window beside the button “Delete”.
    Left click the delete displaying area, the detail (name, size) will show up. If you don’t want to delete one file, select it on the top in the newly showing window. Then
    it will disappear in your file deleting area and return to its original state. Click “Delete” to delete file.
    Additionally, you can also drag the piece of the colorful sunburst map to the delete displaying area to delete them. Folders are colored while files are in grey.