HP 23" b026in AIO questions.

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    Hey all...

    I just purchased the HP 23" b026in All-in-one. It has all the things I needed in my next desktop. But I have a few hardware and software questions.

    Firstly, is there a TV Tuner card available for it? And is there an HDMI Port?

    Secondly, when I was at the store, finalizing my purchase, the guy there said I will be getting two partition drives out-of-box, C Drive and a Recovery Drive.

    Now the funny thing is the C Drive is almost 400 GB...why? And he even said that if I partition it without HP's permission, I will void the warranty.

    I mean, why??? Not like I am illegally contacting Anti-social elements with it? I am just partitioning the damn disk.

    Also, if I have to change the OS version, it will void the warranty. I understand this. But what do I do about the partition bit?

    And what if I install MS Office's and Photshop's non-official version? Will it void the warranty as well?