HP 530 LCD Display Shifted to Right!!!

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    Jul 25, 2008
    Dear All,

    My Laptop's LCD Screen Issue...

    Yesterday, in the morning, when I turned ON my laptop, I see the entire display of my Laptop being shifted from Right to Left by 10% thereby leaving black area at the right hand corner.

    Last week, when I turned on my laptop for about few mins, the screen was perfect positioned fine. However, due to the internal fan not rotating, I had to shut down my laptop with 5-7 mins. I had also Disassembled and Reassembled the entire laptop 2 weeks back to check the Fan area if theres any dust and blew Vacuum Blower to remove any dust in the Fan area if any. Also, I could see the Fans connector being properly connected to Motherboard. After Re-assembling everything, I turned on my Laptop and I could still see the Display being positioned perfectly fine! But, the Fan still wasn't rotating.

    Also, when I hooked up an external monitor to my Laptop VGA connection, the display positions perfectly fine on an external monitor! But still, the display remains shifted to Right on the LCD screen of my HP 530 Laptop. This I believe is a physical shift taken place as "While in BIOS mode as well, the Screen Display shows shifted to Right from Left". So, this cannot be an issue of a "Screen Resolution" or an OS Issue b'coz in BIOS mode, the OS isn't loaded!

    For your all reference, I am attaching all possible screenshots taken from different angles with my Nokia Cell Phone. Could you kindly take a look at it please?

    Kindly let me know of the solution please...


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    In taking apart your PC, you might have inadvertently pulled on the ribbon cable that connects the Laptop screen to the video controller on the motherboard.

    I would suggest re-opening the PC casing, and look carefully if the ribbon is properly inserted. The connector generally speaking has a locking mechanism that releases the cable by pulling upward on the corners of the plastic cover on the connector - go easy and try to unlock it, pull the cable out and reinsert it and power up.

    Hopefully it is not a loose connection on the lcd side....(in the cover of the laptop).