HP bios modding/ Sempron unlock

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    Sep 23, 2012
    OK heres all the info I could pull about my board/PC :
    Model HP Compaq 6005 Pro SFF PC
    Asset Tag 2UA0320VHF
    Number Of Processors 1
    Processor Description AMD Sempron(tm) 145 Processor, 2793MHz
    Total Memory 16384MB
    Total Hard Drive 382GB
    Display PanasonicTV0
    BIOS Version HPQOEM - 20100330
    From Win Audit

    Now from CPU-Z :[/h]Motherboard
    Manufacture: HP
    Model: 3047h
    Chipset: AMD 785G
    Southbridge: AMD SB700
    LPCIO: SMSC SCH5327\

    Brand: HP
    Version: 786G6 v01.08
    Date: 03/30/2010

    OK so this is what I want to do. The processor has the year 2009 stamped on it. I want to unlock it to an Athlon dual core. My processor is my lowest score marker on Windows 8. I have Great ram, a 2 gig graphics card, just want the / Stuck o/.chip updated. Also any way I can tweak settings or add onto my mobo to give it a boost. Stuck on a low to no income budget lol.