HP CQ61 Bios problem after update

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    May 10, 2012
    Hello everyone, I have a problem with HP CQ61, after a bios update the laptop restarts and post the error code, 2 blinks(bios corrupt),I try to restore the bios with win+B buth nothink hapens. I try to restore with an usb device where i put the hierarhical folder structure HEwlet-packard/bios/current and the file from Hp sites who i renamed .fd -> .bin .
    The led from the stick blincks for5 times and laptops restart and stay with same error...Bios corrupt(2blinks)
    I just write on to a 25l800 (eprom flash) the .fd -> .bin bought on Hp site and soldered on motherboard,now the laptop give 1 blink error(cpu not funtional).
    I try to change the CPU,the CPU is hot and the fan starts after 1 min...

    Ps. -I try with both bios on hp site

    Can anyone help me with a idea?

    Thanks and sorry for my english!
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    the .fd is likely encrypted.. needs to be the .bin from the hp tools partition

    or use PhoenixDell/EFi mod to get the file.bin.DEC DEC= DECrypted. then have to cut a small portion out of bios with hex editor to make it fit if using programer.
    or try Win B