HP DV6 notebook GPU issues

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    bin grad eben zufällig in diesem Forum gelandet, weil ich ein Problem mit meinem Notebook habe.
    Seitdem ich das erste mal ein Grafikkartentreiber Update gemacht habe, kommt bei jedem Systemstart folgende Meldung:

    The Catalyst Control Centre is not supported by the driver version of your
    enabled graphics adapter.Please upgrade your ATI Graphics driver or enable your ATI Adapter using The Displays Manager

    Ich habe schon extrem viel Zeit in dieses Problem investiert, konnte es aber nie beheben. Letztendlich habe ich versucht, komplett auf die ATI Grafikkarte umzuschalten. Dazu hab ich mir das aktuelle BIOS Update geladen, bei dem die switchable graphics Option hinzugefügt wurde (angeblich). Diese ist bei mir aber immernoch nicht vorhanden.

    Da du dich anscheinend mit dem Thema ziemlich gut auskennst, wollte ich dich um Hilfe bitte, da ich langsam echt nicht mehr weiter weiß. Ich würde vorschlagen, dass du dir per Teamviewer einfach mal anschaust, was da bei mir los ist.

    Vielen Dank im Voraus :)

    google translated...


    I' m just randomly ended up in this forum because I have a problem with my notebook.
    The first time since I a graphics card driver update was made​​, comes with every system start, the following message:

    The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your
    enabled graphics adapter.Please upgrade your ATI graphics driver or enable your ATI adapter using The Displays Manager

    I have already invested huge amount of time into this problem, but never was able to fix it. Finally, I tried to completely switch to the ATI graphics card. To me, I've loaded the latest BIOS update, in which the switchable graphics option has been added (supposedly). This is with me but still does not exist.

    Since you're apparently pretty well versed with the topic, I wanted to ask you for help, because I really do not know how to proceed slowly. I would suggest that you look simply by Teamviewer times look at what's going on with me.

    Thanks in advance
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    That's OT, read the rules: You shall not hijack another thread and furthermore: write in
    English [even if it's your least favorite language].

    The switchable graphics BIOS options is only available for dv6-61xx and *later* series. The dv6-60xx does NOT
    have this option. But believe me, that's no loss. Back with the F14 Bios, dv6-61xx owners only wished that they
    could get the old "fixed" behavior back because it does work! So don't feel bad about it, you are already better
    off than you think you are, this switchable graphics feature is just a load of PR talk and not something you really
    want or need anyway, it's just a big pain in the butt.

    BTW: PowerXpress 4.0 is a muxless solution. The internal Intel HD3000 GFX will always be needed to drive
    the LVDS [LCD panel] and HDMI output. So even with a unlocked Bios, you can't switch to anything else.

    And finally: Did you switch to AMD's original Mobility Catalyst driver? If so, then that's your problem.
    Go to HP's product support page and download their graphics driver. Install it and the Radeon
    will come back again. [Note: It is possible to integrate the latest Mobility catalyst driver into
    HP's original driver, you can read more about the technique in the dv6 owner section
    @ notebookreview . com]
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    Yes English, please. It's a rule. ;)
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