HP dv6000 vista ultima activated missing serial # notebook model uuid string blanked

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by bruceh0520, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Jul 15, 2011
    Hello, I have been searching for the solution to put back Note Book model,serial number and recreate uuid string.
    I have tried winphlash16 with the switches as recomended,it runs the flash update but no change to parameters.
    I also tried the phoenix version 2.02 with advance button runs but no change.
    Tried the dmi toolkit but not sure which hpbcxx file tried some no luck.
    Any suggestions or help would greatly be appreciated as it doesnt seem that it should be that hard to change with the right tools.I have run the vista7 slic on other dv6000,a little newer but didnt lose bios info.(slic 2.1 )
    The specs:
    Hp dv6000 dv6253cl
    bios f43 phoenix

    General Information :
    Manufacturer : Unspecified
    Product : Unspecified
    Version : Unspecified
    Serial Number : Unspecified
    Support MP : Yes, 2 CPU(s)
    Version MPS : 1.4

    Chassis Information :
    Manufacturer : Quanta
    Type : Notebook
    Version : N/A
    Serial Number : None
    Asset : Unspecified

    OEM Support SLIC :
    SLIC : Yes
    SLP OA : v2.0

    On-Board Device Information :
    Device : 64 (Video)
    Embedded Controller : Yes

    Slots Information :
    Slot PCI-Express : Available (64-bit) 5.0v, 3.3v
    Slot PCI-Express : Available (64-bit) 5.0v, 3.3v

    External Connectors :

    EEPROM Information :
    Type : EEPROM Specific
    Address : 0x57

    Thanks for any info,suggestions.