HP dx7400 - BIOS Unlock, or reflash

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    I guess this is the right subsection of the forum to post this.

    I have enrolled to go and do MCITP, so I want to set up a few VMs to play around with, but my problem is:I have a HP dx7400 board with a Intel 8400 Core2Duo, I know the processor has got VT-x, but it seems that HP has locked the option to enable VT-x in the BIOS, so my question(s)

    • Is there any way to get the option to appear in the BIOS, I have google'd, without any success.
    • Or, is it possible to flash the BIOS with a non OEM version of the same BIOS, so that i can get all the features that HP locked through there BIOS? and if so, can someone point me to the right direction.