HP G60 NB497UA#ABC down but not out (yet)

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    Hello Group, This is really not my forte or hobby, but I'm here in search of stumped tier tech support. Thanx for any help.

    HP G60-249WM recently installed replacement mobo w/ 146CA mobo
    BIOS reports mobo: NB497UA#ABC

    Was experimenting w/ Linux and thought I successfully installing some device drivers. Within 5 minutes my laptop was down hard.

    Laptop would not boot from either the HD or optical drives both sata. Won't have anything to do with those devices.

    Current Status:
    I immediately pulled the hard drive and using a sata/usb adapter backed up my data on my desktop. Have connected up the HD in this manner multiple times without problems, so the HD and DVD are operating fine. Lastly, with both HD and DVD drives removed, I have been able to boot the laptop with Ubuntu live from a usb stick and access internet on a regular basis. Judging from this, all other devices on board and functionality are operating normally. The HD and DVD, when removed, proved fine in other devices.

    I ran Seagate SeaTools on the HD with no issues.
    I have reset BIOS default settings and even downloaded from HP and reflashed the Phoenix BIOS F54a. - No change (couldn't find a rollback version)
    The BIOS will mem check successfully. HD Check reports test not supported.

    The last thing I was doing was installing a probably outdated linux usb wifi driver.

    I know I didn't overheat as I did that once before (mobo replacement above) and have been hyper careful about it ever since. I'm thinking sata controller, but wouldn't know how or where to begin to test or re-install any firmware or repair.

    Reading about another who seemingly found a bad sata driver and rolled it back, I'll add that I installed these nVidia drivers as there may have been some related firmware/driver installed,

    BUT these were installed several months ago without issue all this time.


    I appreciate any help, Thanx.
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    Can you get another Hard drive, fit it and install an OS to it?