Hp hdx x16-1370us need bios help please! Insyde

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by Jeremy112, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Dec 13, 2011
    Ok, I have an HDX X16-1370US Lappy from HP, nice machine and works except for one thing, it WILL NOT detect the hard drive, or the built in CD ROM drive. It WILL detect external USB Drives however.

    When it doesnt detect a drive, the BIOS does not give you options to change the boot order of anything. It will show you the boot options/order once a USB drive of any type is plugged in.

    So this appears to be a corrupted BIOS to me. The HDX uses the INSYDE BIOS. I have followed the undocumented INSYDE BIOS topic to go ahead and Flash BIOS outside of windows (since for the life of me I cannot get it on there any other way).

    Now I read about how your supposed to change the BIOS name and the file extension and have literally about 50 options available to throw on the USB drive to have the BIOS detect the new BIOS, and update.

    I can get it to the point where it beeps from detecting the USB drive, and it will beep about 7 or 8 beeps more while roaming through the files, but that sit, it then stops, and does nothing, all I see happening is the Caps/Num lock blinks 3 times in a row, repeatedly, and the hard drive activity LED blinks at a regular pace..

    When I force a restart on it the old F31 BIOS is still installed, the new F32 BIOS is not...

    If there is any help you people can give me , I would greatly appreciate it. I have a hard time believing the motherboard is shot on this computer because it does work otherwise...

    Thank you!