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Can it be modded ?

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    Sep 1, 2017
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    Hello there bios modders i bought a hp laptop recently which is HP pavillion AB035AX.

    The Laptop is got a switchable graphics which uses both on board graphics as well dedicated one.I want to disable the onboard graphics the primary one but there is no option in the bios to change the default graphics. Though the on board graphics is used it reserves some of ram memory thus reducing performance and there is no Global overdrive tab in Amd radeon software (can be seen through screen shot below) because the bios is locked.The bios is totally locked no advaned options in it,like chipset tab n etc.Thats why i thought i should go for bios mod.I hope i will get some help soon.

    Thank you.

    For Bios plz download link.txt there is also the link for laptop as well.

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