HP nc6320 no whitelist BIOS mod and Intel 5100 card - drains battery when no ac power

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    Nov 9, 2013
    Anyone ever use this combination...

    the "nc6320_sp38742_SLIC21_SLPon" bios mod with no whitelist...

    an HP nc6320 with a Core 2 Duo CPU...

    and an Intel Wifi Link 5100 512AN_MMW card...

    When the laptop is shut off and the AC power is removed, the main battery will eventually drain to zero!

    Say if you wait a half hour or more after removing AC power and open the trap door, the card's chipset is slightly warm. You'd think it would have cooled down by this point. This makes me think the card is still being used in some way.

    If I remove the main battery anytime after removing AC power, and then put it back in, the laptop turns on with the fan running at full speed and the charge LED in the front alternately flashing green and yellow, the LCD screen is black and no post occurs. I have to remove the battery to stop this behavior.

    And then I have to apply AC power in order to actually put the battery back in without the above happening.

    My only theory is that the BIOS/embedded controller doesn't know how to disable Wake-on-LAN for the card.

    I doubt the Intel driver (Windows version for the operating system would be affecting this setting on shutdown, but who knows??

    Wake-on-LAN is disabled in the BIOS settings.

    This happened in all of the nc6320 laptops that I tested these 5100 cards in. They aren't "HP" branded... Toshiba, Lenovo, etc.

    While in Windows, the card works fine, although in one laptop the O.S. will randomly freeze.

    Note that if I put in the original card, an Intel WM3945ABG, with the BIOS mod still intact... none of this happens.

    Anyone have any ideas/advice?
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    Nov 9, 2013
    OK, in this thread here:


    Someone suggests to cover pins 37 thru 51...

    If you look at the 5100 card and lift up the sticker in the front on the card (chip side) ...

    You'll see a very tiny "1" at the first pin (all the way at the left).

    The actual pin-out is here:


    The desciption of these pins I found here:


    It would seem that the pins to be covered (odd pins 37 thru 51, top side of card) include 2 pins that access "+3.3Vaux"... 39 and 41. These pins are on the right side of the card.

    So then I removed the main battery, took the card out, I covered all the pins 37 to 51 with standard black electrical tape, installed the card and inserted the battery...

    The laptop did not come on!!!

    I booted the laptop, it loaded Windows, and it said it found a new network card, loaded the drivers for the 5100 card, and everything worked!

    Now to test if any trickle power is being used on the card at all...
  3. eccofonic

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    Nov 9, 2013
    Left off overnight without AC connection, but with battery installed.

    Booted up and battery was still fully charged.