HP Pavilion g7-1277dx bios mod (whitelist / Advanced menu?)

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    Brand *new* efi model, purchased from best buy. Seems to be a different beast then the older ones.

    • InsydeH2O
    • EFI
    • InsydeH2O flashing utility contains *three* .bin BIOS files
    • The machine will flash the bios file depending on the contents of a memory offset. (this is within the platform.ini file)
    • The first three digits match the "platform model" from the bios information screen.
    • PhoenixTool seems to work 100%
    • Recovery location: HEWLETT-PACKARD/BIOS/CURRENT/03564.BIN
    • module in DUMP that contains the whitelist: CD28DACA-BDBE-481A-90AC-625C79CF234C_2_786.ROM
    I modified the proper BIOS whitelist by using the phoenix tool, and enabling to allow the user to 'modify other modules', then while building the bios I found the whitelist in the DUMP directory (bgrep == binary grep and uber useful) and hex-edited it to put the proper PCI ID and Subsystem ID in the proper endianness

    While flashing the complete image however the windows InsydeH2O flash tool said the image couldn't be verified. I couldn't trigger the emergency flash because the EFI partition is long gone (installed linux)

    Thoughts? Is the InsydeH2O tool issue a known problem?

    Also... my hate at this point: imagebin.org/187199 :p

    Man these things are a lot harder to hack then they used to be :)