HP ProBook 4540s: Need help to add OZMOSIS modules inside BIOS

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    Hi all,
    I would like to add some Ozmosis modules Inside the BIOS of this HP ProBook 4540s and delete some unneeded others. I don't know how because it's my first laptop and it's maybe RSA signed and don't allow me to flash bios with these files inside,o_O and i appreciate if someone can mod it.
    -Manufacturer : Hewlett-Packard
    -Product Name : HP ProBook 4540s
    -Bios Revision : 68IRR Ver. F50
    -Bios SLIC : 2.1

    There's a MainDXE.ffs that need to be compressed to get enought free space, then replace Fat.ffs with EnhancedFat.ffs, finally delete TCP4.ffs and others like TCP6 UDP4 and 6 for network because i don't use them.
    I know how to add the modules with UEFITool by CODERUSH, but my big problem is the RSA.
    To view the files because i still can't post link's, you have to go to Insyde Bios Mod Request thread and at the post #19298 page 1930.

    Many THANK'S