Hyper-V Containters and System Locale

Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by nilum, Aug 3, 2015.

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Currently I use VMWare with a Windows 7 virtual machine set to a Japanese locale to run Japanese software.

    However, despite having a fairly powerful rig, this can lead to some performance hiccups due to the overhead of the VM.

    There are alternatives like Microsoft's AppLocale utility which will emulate another environment, but it's not perfect. It's particularly bad at handling files/folders with Japanese characters and does not seem to handle certain encoding schemes at all (such as Shift-JIS).

    There are other AppLocale-like emulators, but most of them are defunct and do not support 64-bit Windows.

    I believe Hyper-V containers could be the holy grail if Microsoft allows the sandboxed environment to have it's own locale, but my understanding of how containers work is limited.

    I know it's far less overhead than a full virtual machine since it piggy backs on the host's kernel. I know containers are meant to be portable so that they can be configured and then quickly deployed on multiple hosts.

    On some podcasts, I've heard people muse about installing software in a container, configuring it and then simply saving the individual containers instead of making one large image of their hard drive for recovery.

    But I've really heard nothing more about them other than some speculation and comparisons to Docker containers.

    Does anyone have any hands on experience? Anyone using the Technical Preview of Server 2016? Does it yet support Hyper-V containers? Will they for sure be coming to Windows 10?