Hyperthreading was unlocked on an i5 3570k

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    In case you guys haven't heard about this yet, hyperthreading was unlocked somehow on someone's i5 3570k. The guy pretty much proved it with a live stream. More details can be found at the link below (I can't post links yet, so you'll have to fix the url).

    www [.] overclock [.] net/t/1496007/3570k-ht-unlocked-4c-8t

    It sounds like this happened accidentally. The cpu used to register as an i5 3570k with only 4 threads (in cpu-z screenshots), but after installing new ram and multiple resets of the bios, it now has the hyperthreading option in the bios, shows 8 threads in windows, and performs in benchmarks like an i7 3770k.

    This pretty much proves that hyperthreading is likely fully functional on the i5 3570k (and probably other i5's) if you can unlock it somehow. There's a guy in that thread (Gamester3333) who's trying to replicate this by modifying the results of the assembly CPUID instruction to report that the cpu supports hyperthreading even when it doesn't. However, he's still working on it. He seems like he knows a lot, but he's admitted he's not a bios guru or anything.

    If anyone has any ideas or is able to help, feel free to jump in.