I have managed to intergrate new Nvidia drivers into W7 install.wim - maybe nowt new

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by tnx, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Hi all.

    Got a little bit of info,it maybe help other folk and it's probebly nowt new to many.

    What I have been trying to do and by what I have read on the net so have many more folk. that is to intergrate new Nvidia graphics drivers into Windows 7 install.wim.

    What I did is :

    Installed a brand new copy of W7 with no drivers what so ever.
    I copied the "FileRepositary" directory to my storage drive.


    I re-named the folder to "FileRepository - original - Pre Updates"
    I set the M.Soft updater to only let me know there are new updates and not to automaticly install them,letting me choose which I want.
    I ran the updater and sure enough it picks up my graphics card drivers are out of date and new ones are available. Along with a whole load of other stuff.
    I told the updater to only download and install the nvidia graphics drivers. this it did. I then re-booted but this is not important.
    Using "Beyond Compare 3" I compared the two folders and sure enough easily found the newly download Nvidia drivers folder with all the new driver files inside.
    I then copied this folder to my storage drive,it was named "nv_disp.inf_amd64_neutral_d895694e10f22a11"
    Renamed the folder to one more easily recognised.
    I then intergrated these new driver files into Windows 7 install.wim,using the command line I have.

    VOILA !!!!!!!

    Nvidia graphics drivers intergrated into the install.wim

    Not tested it out with an install yet but I have no doubts it will work. Will test it later.

    Another way could be to install a fresh W7. Install the official Nvidia drivers and then use summet like Driver Genious to backup the driver files.
    I may have to try that way to just to compare the file differences...

    Like I said,maybe nowt new but hopefully useful.