i have problem with my laptop dell 7520 se -during install Windows 7 -

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by msami, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Nov 5, 2012
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    i bought laptop dell inspiron 7520 se -month ago -(1T hdd + 32 SSd ) 32 ssd work as cach to system files to increase the performance of system
    there was preinstalled windows home premium on it
    ----------------------- here the problem comes and i will tell you all the detail ---------------
    first i used Eaus Partion master to make 2 partition no problem here ( i just mentioned it if it has any effect later)
    when windows 8 final 26-10 release
    i wanted to upgrade my windows7 to windows8 but during install it tell me there's no partition
    so in bios setup i changed operation from intel smart response(this option make SSD work) to ATA(as it's the option in which partitions appear ) i installed windows but SSD dos not work so i changed it back to intel smart response system dosn't work and i can't install windows in intel smart response (as no partition appear )
    i tried to press f8 to make factor reset but nothing happend if press f8 i have not any recovery cd/dvd
    can u help me plz

  2. msami

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    Nov 5, 2012
    any help plz
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    I think the first thing I'd do is boot with a third party partitioning program and see exactly what's there is terms of partitions. My favorite is GPartEd but there are many out there.

    If Windows 8 says there are no partitions, I'd tend to believe that. But are you sure you're trying to install it onto the correct "disk" ... HDD or SSD?

    I'm unfamiliar with your computer, but it sounds to me you've made so many changes all at once you can't tell what helped and what harmed. At this point, if it were my computer, I'd return the BIOS to its factory settings, wipe the drives and start over fresh. But that's me and I always leave myself a recovery path in the event things go awry.

    If you have no recovery CD, and you can't get to a recovery partition on your computer, you may be stuck with buying what you need from Dell. At any rate, you should consider calling them and getting their take on your situation.
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    If you have no recovery disc, you always have the option of getting "Vanilla" Windows 7 (Official retail Windows 7 with Microsoft supplied drivers). You can repartition using Windows setup and then install your drivers for your model computer from your manufactures website. Also I would remove the SSD and see if you get any results as your computer may need a firmware update prior to using the SSD with Windows 8.