I need to create a OEM disk

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    Ok, I'm an IT guy that has always worked for big companies. We have always had Altiris, imaging is easy, no messing and screwing around so I have little experience with the terms and phrases used in previous threads regarding making OEM disks and such. Pix.txt there and grab this first and put that there (HUH)

    Turns out, I'm an idiot. Took a friends machine and told him I can upgrade him from Vista to 7 because I have a 3 license upgrade disk. Never used it in a few years and some how the sleave with the key has gone missing. YAA. Anyways I didn't noticed until I completed the install that I didn't have the key.

    No problem, I'll restore back to Vista. It's an Acer Aspire 5100. Oops the restore option must have been deleted, ALT F10, not working. Turns out he doesn't have disks. It also turns out the motherboard has been replaced before and the restore disks have already been purchased once so I can't buy them again. The shop that fixed it must have bought them and are now out of business.

    So, Long Story Long :) I think I need to make a OEM disk. I searched the interwebs and found this and followed to the T
    answers.yahoo dot com/question/index?qid=20120426200252AAmPoKe

    It begins installing and then says it is missing files, can't unpack bla bla bla.

    I would like to start from scratch and try this again. Hoping you can help.

    I know how to make the .iso file, I can play around with the Bios, I can open txt files and edit and I have the Home Premium key on the bottom. What do I do next? Please help if you can.

    PS, done a bit more reading. How do I know my Bios is "Like totally SLIC dude"

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    Thanks I'll download and try this tonight from home. I'm at work, I'm from Canada, different time zone. This site is Aussie right?