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    Alright, I am in some need of a lot of help with Windows 7 Ultimate..
    Recently, I downloaded Windows 7 in the form of an .iso, so I burned it to a dvd, ran it, and installed it.
    I have not yet activated it, due to not really knowing how..
    I downloaded Hazar's 7 act*vator and it opens up fine, but when I press 'any key', it gives me NET HELPMSG 2182 saying that the service is already running.
    Hazar has just said to "run the damn .exe" and I'm not sure what to do.
    I have a 500gb HDD, and it has 5 partitions, so I decided to just install Win7 on one of the partitions, separate from others, where I have WinXP installed on my C:\ drive.
    This is pretty much where I'm left. I have no idea how to activate this, and don't know what is wrong.
    All I want is Win7 permanently activated, which apparently is possible.
    Any help please?
    Nvm! Thanks to that ultimate loader, everything worked completely, extremely simple and perfect for dumbz peepz! :D
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