I really don't like DRM. Intel 7g don't care!

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    DRM is great! DRM only affects customers who legitimately bought their products, often adversely affecting the user experience, especially when requiring the user to be connected to the Internet, requires producers to keep servers available for client access for many years, prevent the realization of backups, install unwanted tools for its customers, prevent the reproduction of content on multiple devices owned by the customer ... in short, make the experience of those who paid for the product worst, much worse.

    While at the same time, the pirates have access to the same content, without restriction and without paying a penny!

    This was only an introduction to the news below:

    When companies will learned to respect their customers? The pirates continued pirating, even with all the protection exist and the absurdity of often offers a better user experience than the original, :mad:

    * I do not want crap processor either. Where are my hardware options DRM-free?

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    May 31, 2016
    Pointless protection if AMD processors don't have the DRM mechanism.
    Want to pirate content X? Then use Processor Y - Pirates.

    What would truly be awful is if video providers started locking out older CPUs / other brands of chips.
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    Jul 15, 2016
    It's been established for some time now that paying customers are punished, which drives people to piracy.

    I no longer have anything to do with DRM, but several years back when I came across it in videos, there were easy ways to remove it, provided you only unlocked the content once. You didn't even have to play the video thru. The heading with the encryption was removed and the video became normal after that. And though I am not familiar with today's scene, I am surprised DRM is still around.