I successfully modded my own bios and wanted to share it with the rest of you

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by uhlhazard, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Well let me get started by saying you guys kick butt regarding your slic 2.0-2.1 premodded bios's which I successfully used to mod my Dell d420.

    I wanted to do the same to my broken lcd, bad battery, cd reading only dvd drive laptop.

    It is a ZT systems (walmart because im poor) 1414.

    This is a turion 50 with the nforce 4 chipset.

    My problem was getting a bios because my serial # wore off of the bottom of the laptop a good 3 months into ownership. ZT is a horrible company if you want support. They charge for restore disks that don't originally ship with the laptop even though my hdd went bad in the first 3 months. (kinda hard to restore a laptop from a damaged partition to the new hard drive DOH)

    Well fast forward to today, ZT wouldn't give me a new bios file because I lost my receipt and have no serial#. So I thought I was SOL. I started doing some digging and found out my laptop is actually a rebadged MSI Mega Book s430. Even some of the bios headers say so. I hit up the MSI website and grabbed the latest bios and flashed to it with no issues. WHEW! I was nervous but figured what the heck.

    So now that I have established that I own an MSI laptop and confirmed that via successful bios flashing I set out on a voyage to flash this bios to slip 2.1 AND to further complicate matters because I lack a restore disk, I decided to use my handy Dell vista restore disk (not trying to pirate) and just do the slip 2.1 WITH dell headers and certs.

    Well I followed the excellent instructions on this site and failed initlally with a "1b header" issue but that was also resolved with a quick search unticking "automate" or something along those lines.

    So I figured to celebrate I would post my modded ZT systems, MSI, and Dell chimaira bios here for the rest of the world. Confirmed and working.

    Evidently I cannot upload files to here with Google Chrome, so I will reply or edit if I can to this post with the attachments via IE.

    The files I am uploading come with 4 things, the modded bios file, the original bios file (labeled .old) the flash program, and the batch file to automate everything. I did this off of my bootable flash drive.

    I couldn't upload the files because of their size so I put it on my ftp:

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    @ uhlhazard, just in case you didn't know these is certificate ans 2.1 slic for MSI in archive in Win 7 & Server 08 R2 SLIC 2.1 Bin Collection download the SLIC 2.1 BINS 3-22-10.7z file.

    totally up to yourself but personaly if possible when i do a mod i try and keep brand the same as original if possible.
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    All I have available to me is oem Dell installs