I thought there was a way to install Windows 8 without a key?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by phukme, Apr 27, 2015.

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    Mods....please forgive my ineptitude...posted in wrong section and I cannot delete thread....but just trying to do it on my old lenovo r50e and it is asking for a key. I am using a genuine microsoft windows 8 x86 dvd and I tried both the widely quoted generic keys....but the installer will not recognise them.Is there a workaround?
    Or do I have to insert an ei.cfg file in my Windows 8 iso file, burn that & use it?
    All help/tips greatly appreciated...oops...maybe I should've put this in the Windows 8 thread? Just realised this is PC hardware....will try to redo it then delete this thread....trouble was I followed a link from google and started in the wrong section....
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    Yes you need ei.cfg to skip the product key

    View attachment ei.txt

    Download, change the extension from .txt to .cfg then place ei.cfg in "Your-Win-DVD/sources"