I want to move to Linux, the only thing keeping me from it is the game compability

Discussion in 'Linux' started by cz3k, Sep 28, 2016.

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    Sep 21, 2016
    So here's the thing guys,
    I really want to move to Linux (Ubuntu or other distro).
    The only thing keeping me from moving over is the game compability vs. Windows.
    I know gaming on Linux isn't terrible, but if you want to play for e.g. CS:GO, DOOM or GTA V, Linux is not supported.
    Wine is of course an option, but it doesn't work that good (if at all) for some games.
    I'm thinking about dual booting Windows 7 and Linux, that's my best option I suppose.
    I hate the UI of Windows 8.* and 10, but on the other hand, Windows 10 is the only one with DirectX 12 support.
    If I only game sometimes on Windows 10, it isn't that bad I guess.
    I'm kind of done with Windows 7, but it is an option.

    I'm curious, what are your thoughts? Maybe you guys have some tips for me, for a smoother experience while dual booting or something.
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    Hi and welcome to MDL!

    If you want to be able to play the latest games without spending hours to make 'em run, you should hold your Windows for at least dual booting. Today you can play many native Windows games on Linux thanks to tools like PlayOnLinux and similar stuff, but you will allmost never get the same gaming experience like with Windows (frame rates etc.).

    In terms of future compability, I would choose Windows 10 for gaming stuff. With tools like MSMG-ToolKit you are able to dump lots of crap from your 10 install media, so you will nearly have a 7 feeling. :)

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  3. Same problem here.
    But maybe you should take a look for VMs.
    Recently I had read something about that's much faster now as in past.

    In my case I did installed Windows 7 as dual especially for just gaming.
    Before that I wasted hours/days for make running stuff on Windows 10, even tried VM (Windows XP and EVEN Windows 98!), no success.
    On Windows 7, I couldn't believe, first try, 3 games just running well without any kind of a problem or need to be set first.
    I'm actually prefer up2date and with tools you can cut the crap out of Windows 10 and much more, but in this case...

    So I would suggest: Go Linux and keep a Win7 in Virtualbox.
  4. MicroPeePee

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    Nov 6, 2015
    Take a look at GPU passthrough on Linux using either Xen or QEMU/KVM VGA passthrough. It allows a virtual machine to use your physical video card for near native performance.

    That way you can have windows running in a VM for playing games and use linux for everything else.

    Because my post count is not high enough to link, do a search using your favorite internet search engine for "HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using kvm VGA passthrough".

    I followed this tutorial and set it up on one of my computers. Now I can play games using windows in a VM and for everything else there's linux. :p

    ...just a thought.