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    I have what I thought would be a simple problem. I need to send someone a tool to put the SLIC 2.1 marker into a Thinkpad BIOS. I have the files, and I can certainly make him a bootable USB stick, but I would rather send him a bootable CD. I thought this would be no problem. I have a DOS 6.2 bootable CD .iso file. I opened it with winiso and copied the 3 needed files. To make it easier, I replaced the autoexec.bat with one that would run setmark to set the marker. I burned a CD and tried to test it. I can boot from the CD, and it gives me an a: prompt, but the setmark does not run. More strange is the fact that the files I copied do not appear in the a: directory (I assume this is a memory disk). Even more strange than that is the fact that the autoexec.bat has a date in 2009 and doesn't have the changes I put in. If I move the CD to my desktop, it shows the data with all my changes and autoexec.bat is dated today. I decided there must be some other source if the data, so I pulled the hard drive out. I am booting on a machine with only memory and a DVD drive. Something is going on that I am missing
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    Your CD has a bootable floppy image. You should be able to extract it and then edit with a tool like WinImage. Just be warned that you need to stay within the 1.44MB (or 2.88MB if the image is that size).