Imaging Software That Works With Microsoft Surface Sytems

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by Three Lions, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Three Lions

    Three Lions MDL Junior Member

    Sep 20, 2013
    Hi all,
    Just asking for some help & advice if someone would be so kind I recentley purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro 128Gb Intel Core i5 Windows 8 Pro Tablet & i have a few issues which i explain below

    1.As stated it came with win8 pro & required a lot of updates & firmware updates also they were around 97 in total i think so i started that & all appear to go well
    then system re-boots & states some system updates failed & it was reverting back this takes around 60mins then once re-starts around only 6 updates have beem imstall
    so then i have to run through it all again this time all works & updates & firmware are install.Then re-start & check if any more upates are needed
    I need to install the updates before i can update the system to win 8.1 pro through the store
    Now for the problem i have after applying all the updates & before i Update to win 8.1 pro I would like to do a system backup so if the system had a problem i could restore & save time of downloading & applying the updates
    i normally use Acronis true image 2014 but a quick search via google & on this forum & other areas this is not straight forward Due to secure boot & UEFI mode
    So does anyone have any experiance of imaging software that will create a bootable media that works on a Surface device & create a backup image & have tested that it works & restores
    Ive already backup the system recover partition to a usb drive
    But would like to do the following
    1.Have a system backup on a external drive with all the windows 8 pro imstall
    2.Upgade to windows 8.1 pro through store & backup the system to external drive
    3.Apply & install all updates for windows 8.1 pro & backup the system to external drive
    This would save me time going forward & at my age of 74yrs the last thing i want to do is waste time downloading & applying updates
    I know some may say just do a clean install of windows 8.1 but i don`t feel confident enough to do that
    So If someone could share their knowledge & help with my issuses it would be most helpful
    Three Lions
  2. Snuffy

    Snuffy MDL Expert

    Jan 7, 2008
    Sounds like you have it all figured, basically the exact same as i did...
    1. Bought Surface (USED)
    2. did a RESTORE back to original,
    2a. did a BACKUP - to USB External HDD (Added to Folder - Surface Org)
    3. upgrade thru Store -
    rebooted 3 times an no issue
    3a. backup to USB External HDD (Folder added to Surface FB Store)
    4. have all Official UPdates via WUS, also firmware updates,
    5. ea time I add the USB and make another (Surface FB-9-8-14) Surface FB= Full back - 9-8-14 is date so i know exactly when an what...
    I also reboot 3 times and if all reboots are AOK then backup.
    I think all Old timers do more than needed :) 72 yrs -8-26
  3. Three Lions

    Three Lions MDL Junior Member

    Sep 20, 2013
    Thanks for that but I need to what imaging software will do the job & which comes with its own recovery media builder also do I need to make it with a usb drive or cd/dvd disc
    I presume its a usb as the device as no optical drive can someone explain the process Online search suggest Macrium Reflect but which version free or purchase the pro version
    Where is paul desmond when I need him
  4. Snuffy

    Snuffy MDL Expert

    Jan 7, 2008
    Actually the method I use is sort of complicated. or so some with think.
    1. Make a USB Recovery for Surface.
    2. extract the install.esd to make Install.wim via DISM
    3. open the Surface and list every update via WUS.
    4. download ea one. and save to SurfaceUpdates folder.
    5. then I use DISM to add-package to the install.wim
    this in turn gives me the most updated install.wim for Surface that i can have...
    6. convert the install.wim back into install.esd. and compress maximum
    7. Now since I have 2 USBs with Factory Restore (#1 - Original)
    I add the new install.esd to the #2 Factory Restore USB #2 is updates
    8. Now i also left the Recovery intact in the Surface....
    Im sure that I'm over causious, so actually I have
    1. Intact Recovery in the Surface
    2. Original USB Recovery
    3. Update USB Recovery.
    then to test, insert the #3 Recovery USB and boot to then follow instructions.
    If this works then your option to do as you wish with the #1 and #2 versions.

    All the commands and how to can be found by reading threads found on MDL...
    Murphy78 has the most complete, but others also.
    Far to many for Snuffy to say Thanks to individually but THANKS TO ALL THE SCRIPT WRITERS...:clap::clap:

    I use DISM and ImageX - plus script commands.